Home Without a PC Home Theater?

Everyone is speaking about a pc home theater nowadays. Just about a decade ago people were crazy about having a home theatre. This is good, but there is only one problem which is the home theatre can really put a dent in your pocket, even if you go on the most modest scale. On the other hand, a pc home theater is having the best of both worlds. You have the technology, you have the effects, and you have it on the budget you can afford.

What Do You Need to Set Up a PC Home Theater?

A pc home theater is easy as good day to set up. You, of course, first need a computer. Then you will have to see that you get a CD and/or DVD (writer preferable though only reader would do) installed. In order to have good video effects you will need a video card which has S-video output over and above the VGA output. This will in turn need to be connected to your LCD TV (or which ever TV you plan to use). In order to have it work with the PC the TV should be compatible with PC monitor. That is all!

The True Effects of a PC Home Theater

The basics are as given above. Anyone can set it up, as long as you have the minimum PC understanding. However, if you need the true effects of a home theatre, you will need DTS decoding enabling on the computer (though a Dolby Digital will give you the same effect) which will give a beautiful surround sound effect. There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Connect a good speaker system which has surround effect to the PC
  2. Connect an AV receiver to your PC using an optical digital audio input/output

3.Get and Iptv subscription to allow you to watch 5000+ worldwide channels on HD quality.

Both of these will give you a mind blowing home theater surround effect without blowing a hole in your pocket.


The PC Home Theater Market

There is a huge choice in the market for components which will help you to set up your pc home theater on your own. The software industry is also fully cooperating with this idea and has created tailor made software that will help you enjoy the feel of a home theatre with the help of a PC. For example, the Microsoft XP Media Centre OS has all the ingredients you will ever need for the setting up of the pc home theater. All you need it to install it and enjoy it! It even has a TV Tuner and a TV program recorder so you will never miss any program ever.